Millennial Real Estate Professional

Chris Weston is a licensed Realtor in Missouri who grew up in Kansas City, MO. A former student-athlete and graduate of Ottawa University (2012) with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, he continued to pursue his dream of playing basketball professionally while holding management sales positions to gain additional experience for life after sports. Chris always dreamed of homeownership but had fears after watching his mother lose her home when he was a child due to predatory lending practices. After purchasing his first home in 2016, he became extremely passionate in assisting others who once had fears and limited beliefs when it came to owning a home. He feels that every person should be able to experience that rewarding feeling of accomplishment. For Chris, each of his clients’ goals and needs become his, and they take priority. He also prides himself on education and regularly attends real estate trainings, workshops, and networking events to continue his education and stay current in the ever-changing industry. As a local market expert, he studies the market daily to ensure his clients have the best market insight to make the most informed decision possible. He has experience purchasing/selling single-family and multi-family homes for owner-occupants and investors. He has also represented sellers of commercial real estate as well.

Known as the “Millennial Real Estate Professional”, he loves to help educate the younger generation on the importance of real estate and position them for success. He is passionate about increasing homeownership, particularly within his underserved communities of color. He understands that historically, these communities have been left out, so he wants to do his part to help achieve democracy in housing. He is a proud member of The local Kansas City Chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Chris epitomizes integrity, professionalism, positive energy, hard work, perseverance, and faith in God. His ability to remain calm under the pressures of the real estate buying and selling process gives his clients peace of mind and reassurance. Working with this young man is always a positive experience due to his excellent customer service and great attention to detail.

In his free time, Chris loves to offer education and real estate knowledge to his community and regularly donates his time and resources. He has partnered with local community members to inspire and educate the underserved youth in Kansas City through the Non-Profit sector and has intentional goals to continue. Chris also enjoys coaching basketball and spending quality time with his 4-year-old son. Chris holds his license at Walls Real Estate Company, where he loves that the core values, mission, and goals of the company line up perfectly with his vision.

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