The Next New Deal Must Be for Black Americans, Too

If Joe Biden hopes to enact an ambitious recovery agenda modeled on the New Deal, he must confront its racist legacy. Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted a slate of sweeping new initiatives and an alphabet soup of federal agencies during the New Deal. But while Black Americans should have been the greatest beneficiaries of these programs, in many cases they benefitted the […]

HomeLight and NAREB Launch Black Real Estate Agent Program ™ to Support Ambitious Black Agents

In July 2019, African-American home ownership reached historic lows in the United States, affecting neighborhoods, families, school quality, and generational wealth. Systematic racism has been oppressing black Americans for decades.Have seen the direct impact of Racist law and real estate lending policy..Along Prevent African Americans from buying a home where they want to liveBoth the government and the real[…]

New program puts Black real estate agents at forefront

Up to $5,000 of licensing costs covered for participants in new NAREB program The National Association of Real Estate Brokers and HomeLight has announced the creation of its “Black Real Estate Agent” program to provide financial, educational, and career support for aspiring Black real estate agents. HomeLight is partnering with NAREB in this venture with the goal of ultimately improving the rate of homeownership[…]